Ngay R

Ngay is an excellent student and a hard worker. He is so intelligent and kind. He does a wonderful job focusing in class and is very responsible and is always prepared for the day. While excelling at his academics, he is also a talented musician.

- Briana Gonzalez, Teacher

Margea M.

Margea deserves to be recognized for her commitment, dedication, hard work, and discipline. Margea has demonstrated an outstanding interest in learning the English language to succeed in each and every subject. She always has a positive attitude and this helps her to be confident and independent.

- Liliana Kaspari, Teacher

Kelly Petring

Kelly has always gone above and beyond for my kids who attend South. She has been there for both of my students since the beginning of each of their experiences in high school. She makes it easy for them to go talk to her for advic

- Barb Cavin, Parent